YLOS Yeast Transformation Kit

The YLOS (Yarrowia lipolytica one-step) Transformation Kit provides a simple and fast one-step/one-tube method to transform Yarrowia cells cultured in either solid agar or liquid broth. They were designed for various strains of Y. lipolytica and vectors. Transformation efficiencies with Y. lipolytica will vary based on the yeast strain used, a linear or circular plasmid DNA, the efficiency of plasmid integration into the host chromosome, and the transformation procedure chosen. Generally, the entire procedure may be completed in 60 mins, and routinely provides a transformation efficiency of 103 ~ 105 transformants/μg of plasmid DNA.
  • Instant preparation of competent cells
  • An one-step, one-tube and 10 ~ 60 minutes protocol for transforming
  • the oleaginous yeast, Yarrowia lipolytica
  • Simple (Mix→ Heat shock→ Plating), suitable for Yarrowia yeast
  • Cells from colonies, broth or any growth phase
  • Repeatable efficiency, always reach efficiency of 103 ~ 105transformants /μg DNA
  • Transformation of Y. lipolytica
Quality Control
The transformation efficiency with the plasmid pYLEX1 is checked in a lot-to-lot basis to ensure that it is above minimum 103transformants/μg of plasmid DNA.

Store at

# FYY301-120P (120 preps)

YLOS Transformation Buffer 12 ml
Carrier DNA 0.6 ml
DTT Powder 0.185 g