YEAtaq II DNA Polymerase

  Thermostable & High sensitivity

Suitable for you who want to adjust the buffer      

Xpress O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix


The hightest speed of the taq is 2 kb/s and sensitivity is 100 fg. 

2X O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix II

Convenient & Time-saving

& High sensitivity

The best choice for PCR screening !

RealStart Polymerase Premix

Simple & High Sensitivity 

Suitable for diagnosis and multiple PCR  !

Real Time (quantitative) PCR

EZTime Real-Time PCR Premix

Classical & Stable

EZTime “Fast”

Real-Time PCR Premix

Reproducible & Convenient 

Fast & Sensitivity

It shortens the running time  by around 1hr when compared to traditional qPCRs !

Reverse Transcriptase,RT-PCR/RT-qPCRs


Reverse Transcriptase,RT-PCR/RT-qPCRs


Deoxy+ OneStep RT-PCR Kit

Less contamination & Easy

& High sensitivity

One tube for reverse-transcription and PCR !

Deoxy+ Real-time SYBR Green RT-PCR Kit

Less contamination &

Accurate detection

Excellent sensitivity and easy optimization with SYBR Green !

Deoxy+ Fast One-Step 

qRT-PCR kit

Less contamination & Fast

RNA screening in one tube less than 1hr !

505 改 535


Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase/ Deoxy+ RT Kit


Half-life of 100 minutes at 50°C for the highest cDNA yields !