ECOS™ Sonic™ Competent Cells [BL21(DE3) Derived]

Product overview


We have taken it upon ourselves to continue the production of Acella™ cells previously from Edge Biosystems Inc., which we have now renamed as ECOS™ Sonic™

Sonic™ Competent Cells allow you to clone and express in one novel strain. Also available with the pLysS plasmid, the Sonic™ strain is a BL21-derivative that features complete deletions of the endA and recA genes, eliminating degradation and recombination of DNA.


For optimal results, recommended for use in combination with Yeastern’s proprietary T&A™ expression vector, which will combine transformation, cloning and protein expression into one single step.

Fast: Only 4-6hrs culture time required to isolates plasmid DNA

Stable: Lack of ompT and Ion proteases to stabilize synthesized protein; deletion of endA and recA eliminates DNA degradation and recombination

High efficiency and protein yield: 1 x 108 cfu/ug

Simple to use: clone and express with the same strain, no more sub-cloning required!

  • protein expression/ toxic protein expression
  • preservation of the PCR product
  • preservation of the expression plasmid


Technical / Specifications

Store at

FompT hsdsB (rBmB) gal dcm (DE3) ΔendA ΔrecA

# HYE007-SONIC-5VL (5 preps)

Efficiency >1 x 108 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 5 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5 μl (10-4 μg/μl)

# HYE007-SONIC-20VL (20 preps)

Efficiency >1 x 108 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 20 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5 μl (10-4 μg/μl)

Support/ Documents

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