The HiYield Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit 2.0 is designed to recover or concentrate DNA fragments (50 bp-10 kb) from agarose gels in 20 mins, PCR or other enzymatic reactions. The unique dual-purpose application and high yield mini columns make this kit valuable. The method uses a chaotropic salt, guanidine thiocyanate to dissolve agarose gel and denature enzymes. DNA fragments in chaotropic salt solution bind to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. Following washing off contaminants, the purified DNA fragments (Effective Binding Capacity Approx: 20 ug ) are eluted by addition of low salt elution buffer or water. Salts, enzymes and unincorporated nucleotides are effectively removed from reaction mixtures without phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation
•Recovery: Up to 95%
•Operation time: within 20 minutes
100 μl PCR Product, 300 mg of Agarose Gel
Fluorescent/radioactive sequencing, PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, DNA
labeling and ligation

Store at

# FYG206-100 (100 preps)

EZ Buffer 60 ml
W1 Buffer 45 ml
W2 Buffer 15 ml
Elution Buffer 10 ml
EZ Column 100 pcs
Collection Tube 100 pcs

# FYG206-300 (300 preps)

EZ Buffer 80 ml x2
W1 Buffer 300 pcs
W2 Buffer 25 ml x2
Elution Buffer 30 ml
EZ Column 125 ml
Collection Tube 300 pcs