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Yeastern Biotech Co., Ltd. (YB) was founded in 2000, with ECOS competent cells as its main product, and has become a major supplier of competent cells in Taiwan, Japan, the United States, European countries, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and other places. Committed to providing intelligent technical services and high-quality products for life science research and the biomedical industry. We believe that a scientist’s greatest help comes from fellow scientists. Therefore, our innovative interdisciplinary research team, composed of highly qualified experts in different fields, offers ODM or OEM research-only reagents and kits as well as diagnostic products.

Aim & Prospect

The spirits of innovation, integration, and humanism in biotechnology are our executive prospects. Based on our possession of excellent research capability and professional technical platforms, we head for long-term aims at developing our own brand of life science and biomedical products.


Our guideline for product developments is to offer time-saving, easy, and affordable (T.E.A) products to meet our customers’ needs. To promote our products and technical services, we strive towards establishing strategic alliance and collaboration with our distributors. We believe we are making impacts on the global biotech market with our innovative products and technology through sustainable and mutual partnership!

Yeastern Biotech has established a cloning-related product line, including rapid nucleic acid extraction, competent cells, TA cloning vectors, eukaryotic and prokaryotic protein expression systems, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, specimen preservation, plasmid extraction, gel extraction, PCR purification kits, etc., and related applications are derived from these products, such as a series of detection reagents, etc.



2005 Taipei Biotech Award   2007 Taipei Biotech Award
  ISO13485 GMP
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