Deoxy+ Fast One-Step qRT-PCR kit

Product overview


TaqMan detection system uses a designed fluorogenic probe to detect target PCR products during real-time PCR cycle. Fluorescent is detected when the quencher of the probe is removed during the PCR extension cycle. Deoxy+ Fast Real-time TaqMan RT-PCR kit complete reverse transcription and TaqMan Real-time PCR in a single tube and less than 1 hour. Fast RTase, Hotstart DNA polymerase and all the components necessary for performing fast TaqMan Real-time PCR from RNA template are specially prepared to ensure high specificity and high sensitivity.


  • Ready-to-use master mix to allow faster setup, maximize throughput and reduce the contamination risk of real-time RT-PCR analysis
  • Detection of even low copy numbers (10 copies in reaction system)
  • Excellent specificity and reproducibility with better signal to noise ratio
  • Higher PCR efficiency and multiplexing
  • Validation of siRNA-mediated gene knockdown
  • Detection of multiple gene expressions
  • RNA Virus detection


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# FYT535-100P (100 preps) 

Deoxy+ Fast Real-time
Taqman RT PCR Premix
Sterilized ddH2O 1 ml × 2



Quality Control

The performance of Deoxy+ Real-time TaqMan RT-PCR kit is tested in an RT reaction using human embryonic kidney cell lysate with primer d(T)18. The sensitivity of the kit is verified by the detection of B2M transcript after 35 cycles. The length of cDNA achieved is verified by detection of a 248 bp by DNA agarose gel and DNA sequencing.

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