Xpress O’in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix (2x, w/ violet dye)

Product overview


Xress O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix is a master mix including fast DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, and dye in 1 tube. It saves the time for preparing the master mix and reduces the risk of contamination from multiple pipetting steps. The fast taq in Xpress O’in 1  DNA Polymerase Premixe is developed for fast PCR especially for fast screening and genotyping. The highest elongation speed of the taq in this kit is 2 kb/s and the sensitivity is 100 fg.

Optimal PCR conditions, including template and primer concentrations and PCR program, for the gene of interest, should be determined experimentally by the investigator from case to case.

  • Convenient: Taq DNA polymerase in a ready-to-use mix with dye
  • Reproducible: lower contamination and pipetting error risk
  • Ready to use
  • Master mix
  • Suitable for economic screening
  • High throughput PCR
  • Routine PCR with high reproducibility
  • Generation of PCR products for TA cloning


Store at



# FYT211-100P (100 preps) 

Xpress O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix (2×)*  with Violet Dye

* 2× O’in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix

1.25 ml x 2


Unit Definition

One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will incorporate 10 nmol of dNTPs into an acid-insoluble material in 30 minutes at 72°C.


Quality Control

  • Nuclease activity is not detected after incubation of 1 μg λ /Hind III DNA with 5 units of HiFi DNA Polymerase in 50 μl reaction buffer for 18 hours at 37 °C.
  • The absence of endo-, exodeoxyribonucleases and ribonucleases are confirmed by appropriate tests. A functional test is performed by PCR.

Some applications in which this product can be used may be covered by patents issued and applicable in certain countries. Because the purchase of this product does not include a license to perform any patented application, users of this product may be required to obtain a patent license depending upon the particular application and country in which the product is used.




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