The Genomic DNA Extraction kit (Cultured Cell) 2.0 is designed for rapid extraction of pure genomic DNA from Cultured Cell. Efficiently remove cellular debris and inhibitors, this kit using a column-type tube in purification process through three simple steps of binding, washing and then elution for the safe and convenient extraction of high-purity genomic DNA. The entire process can be completed in less than 1 hour without phenol/chloroform, and the final product can be used in PCR or other downstream experiments.
• Format: spin column (centrifuge)
• Yield: up to 50 μg
107 Cultured Cells
PCR, AFLP/PADP, RFLP, Southern blot, real-time PCR


Store at

# FYG117-100 (100 preps)

N1 Buffer 100 ml
N2 Buffer 35 ml
N3 Buffer 45 ml
W1 Buffer 45 ml
W2 Buffer 15 ml
Elution Buffer 10 ml
GZ Column 100 pcs
Collection Tube 100 pcs

# FYG117-300 (300 preps)

N1 Buffer 100 ml x3
N2 Buffer 95 ml
N3 Buffer 125 ml
W1 Buffer 125 ml
W2 Buffer 25 ml x2
Elution Buffer 30 ml
GZ Column 300 pcs
Collection Tube 300 pcs