100 bp YEA Ladder DNA Marker IV


Yeastern Biotech combines size and mass marker ladders to provide superior resolution on an agarose gel. The ready-to-load format is highly convenient. 100 bp ladder DNA marker is ideal for fast running of PCR samples on the agarose gel. Rather than 100-3000 bp DNA marker, 100-5000 bp DNA marker is suitable for the need for larger and larger DNA currently.

  • Sharp and clear banding patterns
  • Mass marker bands for easy DNA quantification
  • Accurate DNA migration on agarose gel
  • Locating DNA of interest
  • DNA quantification
  • DNA tracking

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Quality Control
5 μl of YEA Ladder DNA Markers provide expected numbers of bands with accurate molecular weight on agarose gel
after running electrophoresis.



100 bp YEA Ladder DNA Marker IV         190 μg/ml        1ML

DNA Loading Solution                                                      1ML

Store at

# FYD012-1ML

100 bp YEA Ladder DNA Marker IV 190 μg/1 mL