Vectors & Protein Expression

in Prokaryotes (E.coli )

T&A™ Cloning Vector

A quick and reliable method based on TA base

paring for the cloning of a variety of DNA sequences.

The best value choice for your routine cloning.

T&A™ Expression Vector

Our T&A™Expression Kit (C-terminal) brings

together the fast ligating properties of TA cloning

with the expressing features of the T7 promoter.

For optimal performance, 

use with ECOS™ Sonic™ Competent Cells“,

and say goodbye to sub-cloning!

in Eukaryotes (Yeast)

SCOS Transformation Kit

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae One-Step”

This transformation kit provides a simple

and fast method for transforming the yeast,

 S. cerevisiae

The entire procedure can be completed in an hour,

producing around 1×103~1×10transformants/mg

YLEX Yeast Expression Kit

Yarrowia Lipolytica EXpression”

Based on INRA/INAPG licensed patents and classified

as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the US FDA,

YLEX allows you to express proteins either

intracellularly or extracellularly through the yeast,

Yarrowia lipolytica