BioTake™ Tissue Puncher

BioTake™ Tissue Puncher
The YB BioTake™ Tissue Puncher coupled with specially designed BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tip is a convenient sampling tool for cutting very small tissue discs from biological samples such as animal tissues and plant leaves as well as DNA/RNA and protein bands from electrophoresis gels. The YB BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tip is designed for one-time usage to prevent cross-contamination between samples. If reused, keeping within three times is recommended. Currently, two core sizes of the tips are available: 0.8 mm and 1.8 mm. The YB BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tip provided in tip racks are gamma-ray sterilized during manufacturing process and are autoclavable if desired.
  • Simple: just press and eject!
  • No cross contamination: use of disposable tips avoids cross contamination.
  • Convenient: 1.8 mm and 0.8 mm BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tips for your selection.
Cut, retrieve and store samples from animal and plant tissues.
Quality Control
The appearances of BioTake™ Tissue Puncher and BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tips are examined by visual inspection for scratches and chipping damage. The function and the fitness of BioTake™ Tissue Puncher and BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tips are tested by actual operating procedures to verify its conformity with product specifications.

Experimental Results

 The leaves of Citrus reticulata & Oryza sativa were punched by BioTake™ Tissue Puncher (0.8 mm & 1.8 mm puncher tips). Genomic DNA was extracted using Yeastern Biotech’s UniversAll™ Tissue Extraction Buffer at 95°C for 10 min followed by PCR reaction. The results showed that the BioTake™ Tissue Puncher worked well in cutting and retrieving the leaf tissues from both monocot and dicot plants which leads to a consistency PCR results.


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BioTake™ Tissue Puncher 1 pc

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BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tips 0.8 mm 96 pcs/box

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BioTake™ Tissue Puncher Tips 1.8 mm 96 pcs/box