miRNA Isolation kit 2.0

 miRNA Isolation kit 2.0

 The miRNA Isolation Kit 2.0 is designed for purifying micro RNAs (miRNAs) and
other small cellular RNAs from whole blood, cultured cells, bacteria (Gram +/-),
fungus cells and tissue. Standard protocols for isolating total RNA and mRNA
are not optimized for isolation of small RNA molecules and result in the loss of
substantial amounts of miRNAs and other small RNA. In addition, removal of the
predominantly lager RNAs is required for accurate analysis of miRNA
expression by qPCR or microarray analysis. This kit ensures purification of small
RNA with minimal contamination from large RNA molecules or genomic DNA. In
the presence of a chaotropic salt, and various ethanol concentrations in the
solvent, RNA molecules (of various sizes) are selectively bound to the glass
fiber matrix.
• Format : spin column (centrifuge)
• Yield : Up to 20 μg
500 μl Whole Blood, 106 Cultured Cells, 108 Bacteria (Gram +/-), 5x106 fungus cells,
10 mg Tissue
Northern blot analysis, quantitative, real-time RT-PCR, microarray analysis


Store at 


# FYG309-050 (50 preps)

RBC Lysis Buffer

120 ml

RT Buffer             

15 ml

NR Buffer

30 ml

70% Ethanol

9 ml

RW2 Buffer

25 ml

RNase free water

10 ml

RS Column (Yellow Ring)

50 pcs

miR Column (Blue Ring)  

50 pcs

Collection Tube

100 pcs