Total RNA kit (Cell/Blood)


The Total RNA kit (Cell/Blood) is designed specifically for purifying total RNA from fresh whole human blood and cultured cells. Detergents and a chaotropic salt are used to lyse cells and inactivate RNase. RNA in the chaotropic salt is bound to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column and once any contaminants have been removed using the Wash Buffer, the purified total RNA is eluted by the Elution Buffer.

• Format: spin column (centrifuge)
• Yield: Up to 30 μg

107 x Culture Cells, 300 μl of blood

RT-PCR, Northern blotting, primer extension, mRNA selection cDNA synthesis



Store at

# FYG310-100 (100 preps)

CR1 Buffer 110 ml
CR2 Buffer 45 ml
W1 Buffer 45 ml
W2 Buffer 15 ml
Elution Buffer 10 ml
RZ Column 100 pcs
Collection Tube 100 pcs

# FYG310-300 (300 preps)

CR1 Buffer 110 ml x3
CR2 Buffer 125 ml
W1 Buffer 125 ml
W2 Buffer 25 ml x2
Elution Buffer 30 ml
RZ Column 300 pcs
Collection Tube 300 pcs