MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA

MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA
Excellent Recovery
Ferromagnetic core, can be demagnetized and re-magnetized repeatedly and reproducibly.

High Specific DNA Binding 
Specially modified SiOouter layer is designed to provide high specific DNA binding.

High Capacity, Fast Separation & Collection
High capacity contributed by high surface area, hig suspension, excellent separation characteristic and superb collection ability. 

Adapted to various application. Ideal for automation platform and manual nucleic acids separation.



Mean diameter: 250 nm 
Bead shape: spherical 
Magnetism: ferromagnetic
Bead surface: smooth
Surface coating: SiO2, Silicon dioxide 
DNA yield: ~7 mg/mL
Concentration: 400 mg/mL
DNA binding capacity: ~35 μg/mg
Optimal chaotropic salt conc. for DNA binding: <3 M
SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) image of MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA (×80.0k). SEM image shows that the synthesized magnetic beads are spherical shape and the mean diameter of the  bead is 250 nm. Smaller size gives an effective surface area-to-volume ratio for optimum DNA binding.


High DNA recovery rate. 
Different concentration of DNA ranging from 1.5 pg to 0.15 mg was purified using MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA (6 mg/30 μl) and the recovery rate was analyzed after real-time qPCR. The result shows that up to 90% of DNA could be recovered after DNA purification using MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA. (6 mg/30 μl was used per test)
Excellent in dealing with low & high titers of viruses.
The genomic DNA of Hepatitis B Virus with low viral titer (6 x 102/ml) and high viral titer (6 x 105/ml) was purified by 8 mg/20 μl of MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA (YL: low viral titer; YH: high viral titer) and Brand D beads (DL: low viral titer; DH: high viral titer) before performing real-time qPCR (Size: 104 bp). MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA gives an earlier Ct value suggesting a better gDNA isolation and collection performance in both low and high viral titer samples.
Magnificent Isolation & Collection Performance.
The genomic DNA of Hepatitis B Virus was isolated by magnetic beads of different brand and followed by real-time qPCR (Size: 104 bp). MagSure™ Magnetic Beads for DNA (blue bar) gDNA isolation and collection performance (8 mg/20 μl was used per test) by giving the earliest Ct value comparing to other competitors (light grey bar).
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# FYS001-5ML (5 mL) 
# FYS001-50ML (50 mL) 
# FYS001-100ML (100 mL) 
# FYS001-500ML (500 mL) 
# FYS001-1L (1 L)