Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase

Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase
Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is genetically engineered by introducing of point mutations to MMLV RT that increase half-life, reduce RNase activity and increase thermal stability. Those designed mutations lead to increased specificity of Deoxy+ HiSpec RT and the highest cDNA yield of all RTs. It is ideal for RT-PCR of a specific gene or generating cDNA from total or poly (A)+ RNA samples. It synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from total RNA, mRNA, or an RNA : DNA hybrid.

  • Half life of 100 minutes at 50°C for the highest cDNA yields
  • Reduced RNase H activity for more full-length cDNA
  • Full activity at 50°C for increased specificity with GSP
  • Ability to increase RT units without inhibiting subsequent PCR
  • Synthesis of first-strand cDNA
  • Array labeling
  • cDNA libraries
  • RT-PCR, primer extension, and 3' and 5' RACE
Unit Definition
One unit incorporates 1 nmole of dTTP into acid precipitable material in 10 minutes at 37°C using poly(A)-oligo(dT) as template primer.

Quality Control
This product has passed the following quality control assays: SDS-polyacrylamide gel analysis for purity; functional absence of endodeoxyribonuclease, 3′ and 5′ exodeoxyribonuclease, and ribonuclease activities; yield and length of cDNA product.
Store at 


# FYT501-50R (50 rxns) 

Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase (10000 U) 50 μl
2× Deoxy+ RT Premix* 0.5 ml

# FYT501-100R (100 rxns) 

Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase (20000 U) 50 μl×2
2× Deoxy+ RT Premix* 0.5 ml×2

(* 2× Deoxy+ RT Premix contains RT buffer, 0.1 M DTT and 10 mM dNTPs)