O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix II

An economical and ready-to-use premix, containing YEAtaq DNA Polymerase , dNTP and all other reagents necessary for PCR save for DNA template and primers

Xpress O’ in 1 DNA Polymerase Premix

The ready-to-use premix kit including the fast taq, reaction buffer and violet tracking dye in 1 tube was designed for fast screening. The highest elongation speed could be 2 kb/sec and the sensitivity can be 100 fg.


RealStart Polymerase Premix

An ultra-sensitive PCR premix, containing all necessary solutions for PCR, with  2× concentrated solution of HotStart DNA polymerase and this kit can be used for diagnostic kit or detection of micro scale DNA even in boiled can.

Greatly reduces non-specific amplification when working at room temperatures

YEAtaq II DNA Polymerase

YEAtaq II DNA Polymerase was derived from Thermus aquaticus YT-1 strain improved it’s yield of DNA synthesis. 


Real Time (quantitative) PCR

EZTime Real-Time PCR Premix

Select from a series of quality qPCR premixes, whether you prefer TaqMan Probes or SYBR Green, with or without ROX, we all have one suited for you!

EZTime “Fast”

Real-Time PCR Premix

With a novel hot start Taq DNA polymerase capable of working at high speeds, this special blend greatly shortens the running time of real-time quantitative PCR by around 1 hour when compared to traditional qPCRs

Reverse Transcriptase PCR/qPCRs



Deoxy+ OneStep RT-PCR Kit

Yeastern’s Hotstart DNA polymerase and Deoxy+ HiSpec RT enables reliable and highly sensitive RT-PCR quantification, eliminating any nonspecific amplification products and background smear

 Deoxy+ Real-time SYBR Green RT-PCR Kit

Yeastern’s Deoxy+ HiSpec RT, Hotstart DNA polymerase and all the components for Real-time SYBR Green RT-PCR are skillfully mixed within a single tube, allowing for highly specific quantification.

Deoxy+ Real-time TaqMan RT-PCR Kit

With Deoxy+ HiSpec RT, Hotstart DNA polymerase and all the components necessary for TaqMan Real-time RT-PCR, high specificity and sensitivity is guaranteed.


Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase/ Deoxy+ RT kit

A genetically engineered MMLV RT with an increased half-life, reduced RNase activity and increased thermal stability, leading to increased specificity of Deoxy+ HiSpec RT.