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You are cordially invited to experience the Chinese New Year celebration at Taipei Old Town, take a tour around this historical city and immerse yourself in the beauty of its festive culture. Don’t miss the illuminated night scenery! Let’s go!

Itinerary introduction

1st STOP

Chun Chun Coffee Space

Chun Chun Coffee Space offers a lovely and relaxing ambiance for guests to enjoy the local culture experience. To celebrate the spring festival themed “Desire for Love”, each guest will be entitled for a complimentary lantern produced by a century-old vintage lantern shop.

2nd STOP

AMA House

Ama’s House is a Peace & Women’s Right Museum located at Da Dao Cheng. Let’s have an outdoor night tour to enjoy the sparkling night light view on the streets.

3rd STOP

Taiwan Cooking 101 School

The cooking class based on the dining ingredients of Da Dao Cheng is equipped with English, Japanese and Korean cooking chefs to teach the sumptuous dishes preparation. It is an exotic food enjoyment event for tourists who love to cook.

4th STOP

The Carp

The Carp Restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood dishes. Especially the Fresh Mullet Roe dishes is perfectly match with the fragrance tea, making up a very delicious local taste.

5th STOP


Experience & learn how does the vintage old house refurbished & transformed by its Master, which has now become the prominent stage for international drama.

6th STOP


Traditional Chinese Medicine is the major unique selling point of Da Dao Cheng. In the night time, the Chinese Pharmacy will exude rich fragrances naturally and the Master serve cups of tea for its guests, which is a classic taste that cannot be bought anywhere.

The Last STOP

Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple

One of the most popular Facebook Check-in place, Xia Hai City God Temple organized lantern festival & activities, welcoming tourists to experience the celebration and lively ambience.

Move on to

Lantern Festival of Taipei

Enjoy Lantern Festival at Beimen when we experiened all the stop.

How We Meet?

Please meet at 5:00pm, Chun Chun Coffee Space, Da Dao Cheng. 
Please meet at 5:00pm, Chun Chun Coffee Space, Da Dao Cheng.  
02 2552 0633